About Chaos Graphics

Contact information: kausphotos@gmail.com or 951-212-1978

I first picked up an SLR camera as a kid under the instruction of my physicist father. Those early lessons are mostly forgotten, apart from his introductory sentence that light is made up photons and waves and a foreboding feeling that it gets a lot more complicated after that. However, the sense of sheer fun in catching tick-marks in time never went away. While undertaking fieldwork for a doctoral degree in anthropology, I used photos as a way to connect with ranching families in northern Mexico. They taught me that a photograph is not taken but instead a random moment captured as one might catch a wild horse. As a result, the thrill of photography for me remains the thrill of a hunt for a universally recognizable moment.

I established Chaos Graphics as a side business in 2004. I was offered the opportunity to take background shots at local rodeos and cowboy events, which allowed me to combine my experience with horses with observations of people. I keep in mind that my job is to document an unpredictable and unreplicable sequence of moments for the competitors and the event coordinators. The idea is to think ahead to get the shot that will look both unique and iconic to them. That said, my focus tends to be on the interaction of people, horses, and other animals with their surroundings, and my hope is that the photos will evoke a sense of recognition even for someone who was not at the event.

I also maintain a daily photo blog and hope to include more wildlife photography in my repertoire when I grow up.

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(Jan. 7, 2016) Shameless brag - cover photo for this month's California Horsetrader. The image is of Rylee Lawson at Youth Safari Days last year.